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A rapidly evolving global regulatory environment requires precise compliance checks and strict recordkeeping. Vault DMS is a full-featured document management system built for private fund managers to ensure key documents are organized, signed off, and easy to find.

Business Integration

Using features such as the Vault Drive, business users can gain the benefits of a full document management solution without changing the way they work

Custom Metadata

Descriptions and tags for documents can be managed to provide robust reporting in addition to reporting based on document content or naming

Version Control

Versioning features allow users to flexibly track, manage, and compare versions


Decisions, approvals, and complex actions can be managed in workflows that provide rich reporting and audit trail for routine tasks that affect multiple people

Other Features

Vault provides a number of other core features around search, permissions, mobile/web access, audit trail, management, and other necessities

Instant Benefits / Constant Improvement

Modules are designed to generate process improvements beginning on day one with flexibility to continue improving over time

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