Vault Implementation Process

Is Vault the Right Fit?

Several iterations of demos and discussions will ensure that Vault is the right fit for you. Advise will speak to all stakeholders including the client technology team and ensure you understand the benefits and limits of Vault. Once goals are set, Advise can suggest an implementation plan for the selected modules and set a timeline.

Business Analysis

Depending on the complexity of the client, Advise will create a proposal and a project plan. Additional requirements gathering might be required to ensure there is a full understanding from all parties.

Contracts and Plans

Once Advise has a good understanding of the requirements around out-of-the-box modules and custom work, the pricing is agreed upon, and the initial Project Plan is drafted, Advise and the client agree on a process for moving forward.

Requirements Gathering

Advise will come on site and meet with all stakeholders for 1 hour meetings each day of the week that they are there. Advise will then create mockups, notes etc. Stakeholders will spend time reviewing these items and eventually all will come to an agreement. The project plan and cost estimates are updated accordingly

The Approach
  • *Weekly Meetings: Throughout the below process Advise is available for support at any time and will schedule weekly calls to discuss progress.  
  • *Development: Advise Developers will build and customize the agreed upon features.
  • *Testing:  Advise Testing Team spends approximately a week testing all the features to ensure complete functionality.
  • *Approvals:  Clients will test delivered functionality to ensure everything works as expected.


Go-live and Support

Once all testing and approvals are met a go live date is agreed upon. Advise will train all Vault users prior to go-live regardless of stakeholder status. Once all migrations are done, structures are put in place and everyone is up and running Vault will keep a very close eye on the implementation for the first few months. Typically you can expect 1 to 2 updates per year depending on service requests.  Advise will hold scheduled calls with you to offer support and ensure all users are happy.

Request a Demo

Our sales team is available for a consultation. Please send us some details so we can get the conversation started.