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An increasingly complex global regulatory environment requires an elegant solution for regulatory reporting.
Consensus Regulatory Management System is an award winning platform used by investment managers for a repeatable, reliable, and automated filing process. Our experience with firms of all sizes and our expertise ensures that clients have access to a deep and diverse knowledge base.

Reporting Solutions


Monthly reporting of portfolio holding details (N-PORT) and annual reporting of certain census-type information (N-CEN) to the SEC in a structured XML format.

AIFMD (Annex IV)

Multi-jurisdiction filing capabilities to satisfy the specific reporting requirements for each of the National Competent Authorities.

Form PF

A comprehensive set of industry interpretations integrated into the software for a consistent approach.

Form ADV

Preserve filing histories and complete automated submissions to IARD.

Automatic matching with the latest 13F official securities and electronic EDGAR filing.
Complete the CFTC or NFA versions of Form CPO-PQR and automate the process of submitting to EasyFile.
Generate and validate the XML for filing in multiple jurisdictions using data from investor and account systems.
Record and manage the NFA Annual Report.
Generate and validate the XML for filing in multiple jurisdictions using data from investor and account systems.
Choose your preferred grade and populate the Open Protocol XML or Excel template to satisfy investor requirements.
Produce the Key Information Document provided to retail investors, calculate certain answers, and submit to popular distribution portals.
Produce and transmit the required look-through information for insurance company investors in multiple formats, including the Tripartite Template/Club Ampere.
Use one platform to complete TIC B, TIC D, TIC S, TIC SHC, TIC SHLA, and TIC SLT, and generate files for upload to FedLine.
We are continuously adding new forms, products, and services to solve our customers’ regulatory issues. Our latest work includes: CIMA Funds Annual Return, CSSF UCITS Risk Reporting, N-CEN, and Reg-28.


Designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, the Consensus RMS platform can ease your workload and organize your regulatory information in one convenient and accessible place. Explore some of the most popular features below:

Developed In-House

Advise Consensus RMS is built, maintained, and tested by our talented in-house technical groups, which allows us to immediately respond to regulatory changes.


Each client has specific needs. Consensus RMS comes in several versions so you can choose a software package that makes sense for your organization.

Hosted or Local

Access the platform from one of our hosted data centers or install it locally for maximum flexibility.


Information security is a constant priority for us in an effort to guarantee privacy and confidentiality for our clients. We regularly have our releases penetration tested by outside parties.

Solid Technology

Our enterprise-class solution has been used by hundreds of clients for thousands of regulatory filings. Proven to perform.

Customer Driven

Innovation and client service are our top priorities. Tell us your pain points - if we don't already have a solution, your question may lead us to one.

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